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Fresh Locally Sourced

Food For Everyone.

The Ducky Deli is a family owned and family run traditional delicatessen in the heart of Swadlincote town centre


We specialise in sliced cooked meats, deep filled meat pies, delicious cheeses, our famous pork pies, mouth watering salad boxes, hand made sandwiches and so much more you will have to explore in store.


Quality Cooked Meats

At The Ducky Deli we have a wide range a delicious quality cooked meats available, sliced right in front of you to ensure you get the freshest product possible.

Have as much or as little as you like with a couple of slices for a salad or sandwich or cut a little thicker for a beautiful dinner or Sunday roast.

Enjoy our range from Cheshire Oak Ham, Roast Beef, Roast Turkey, Roast Pork, Haslet, Brawn, Corned Beef, Pepperoni, Pastrami, Black Pudding and much more


Hand Raised Pork Pies

At The Ducky Deli we pride ourselves on our famous pork pies, We have the right amount of crispy pastry wrapped around a delicious pork blend soaked in a bed of jelly to create the perfect combination for an unbeatable pork pie.

We have a wide range of Pork Pies for you to choose from, like our traditional small and large pork pies with or without a whole free range egg, slices or gala and ascot pork pies, huntsman pork pies with a layer of chicken breast and a stuffing top and large whole pork pies with various filling like pork and apple, turkey and cranberry, cheese and pickle and so much more!


Local Cheeses

At The Ducky Deli we have a wide range a delicious locally sourced cheeses and popular favourites available in truckles or pre cut blocks.

We have everything from Red Leicester to strong vintage, locally produced blue stilton from Derbyshire and a wide range of Orsom truckles produced from a local Swadlincote dairy farm.

Enjoy some cheese fan favourites like our Snowdonia range such as Black Bomber or a little whiskey kick from our Amber Mist, there is something for everyone.


Hot Jacket Potatoes

At The Ducky Deli we create the most perfect lunch option you could ever wish for with our hot jacket potatoes, We have a wide range of toppings to choose from to keep you going right through till lunch time.

Enjoy the classic cheese and beans, chicken curry, chilli con carne, homemade coleslaw, minced beef, tuna mayo and well as our specials such as bacon cheese and beans, black pudding cheese and beans, cheese and pickle, hunters chicken, honey chilli and so much more you can see why our spuds are the best hot jacket potatoes in Swadlincote.


Deli Snacks

At The Ducky Deli we specialise in delightful savoury snacks, we love to make food with love.


In our deli counters you can explore our wide range of products from our thick sausage rolls, homemade quiches, pasties such as our meat filled peak pasty and vegetarian greek pasty, scotch eggs, samosas, spring rolls, onion bhajis and much more.

Each one just as tasty as the last made fresh to ensure you enjoy every single bite, perfect to make that afternoon snack or packed lunch unforgettable.


Deep Filled Pies

Looking for a proper pie? At The Ducky Deli we a wide range of deep filled pies, you wont find any air pockets inside of a ducky deli pie! 

We have a wide range of meat and vegetable filled options such as steak, steak and stilton, steak and potato, lamb and leek, chicken and mushroom, cheese and spinach, cheese and onion, beef and onion, steak and ale, steak and potato and much more.

More than just a pie, its a hearty meal filled with love and passion.


Deli Sandwiches & Salads

Looking for a new lunch spot? At The Ducky Deli we create delicious sandwiches and salads fresh everyday.

We use quality local ingredients such as our bread from the Buckley bakehouse and our own deli meat to create tasty sandwiches and we deep fill our salad boxes for a filling healthy option if you are avoiding those tempting treats.

We also offer a meal deal option where you can combine our fresh sandwiches and salads with a delightful snack and a hot or cold drink.


Breads and Cakes

At The Ducky Deli we have a wide range of freshly baked goods everyday from our local Buckley bakehouse bakery in Swadlincote, enjoy our fresh baked breads from white to wholemeal, bun loaves, tea cakes, burger buns, traditional Derbyshire oatcakes and a whole lot more.

We also stock a wide range of tasty cakes from fruit scones, victoria sponges, cherry bakewells, deep filled fruit pies, iced buns, a large selection of Nevis cakes to enjoy a delightful afternoon tea or a tasty treat.


Free Range Eggs

At The Ducky Deli we supply local free range eggs to Swadlincote, we have a wide supply of the freshest local free range hen eggs and local duck eggs.

Our eggs have golden yolks perfect for poaching, frying, boiling and even baking that tasty treat, our free range hen eggs are very popular with the locals.


Between you and me our large duck eggs have been known to contain a couple of double yolkers from time to time.


Jams and Chutneys

At The Ducky Deli we have one of the biggest selections of jams, curds, chutneys, pickles and spreads anywhere, explore our every changing wall of jars.

We stock all your favourite combinations like lemon curd, strawberry jam, beetroot chutney to some of our more unique flavours like gooseberry jam, pineapple curd, real ale chutney.

There is something for everyone to brighten up any food and tingle those tastebuds.

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